Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tormenting Tuesday

Okay so yesterday was the 2 mile/cross... not too bad right? Ha... apparently I decided to torment myself oh yes and it was great fun. I kid it wasn't so bad. I realized that my Nike+ sensor for running needed some recalibrating because it seems the distance it is tracking is WAY different from what I appear to be doing, awesomeness. Anyway I set it to calibrate a .35 run, right? WRONG... I set it to .25 but ran .35 so basically I calibrated it wrong again. So I paused and restarted this time making sure I was calibrating for a .25 run. SUCCESS! Okay at this point in my mind I must have completely forgotten about the .35 and thought well today is a 2 mile lets do a 1.8 mile workout O_O. All in all I ran 2.4 miles yesterday whoo... my leg hurts. Seriously though, my quad does hurt a bit so I'll probably need to do some squats today and maybe some downhill running. Today is 3 mile/strength... I haven't decided yet if I am going to do the 3 miles... I may just focus on strength today and do the 3 miles tomorrow.

I've noticed my energy is starting to lack a bit as well so I may need to start eating more Clif bars... the 20g protein ones are probably best right now as I strength train etc



  1. you're adorable. i find it amusing that i get a recap on here of the conversations we have the night before.

  2. aww shucks :)

    well at least you'll never wonder if the conversation was all in your head or if I was actually present for it :D

  3. (said with a thick southern accent) never say never to me...

  4. never ... jamais ... أبدا ... никога ... 从不 ... nikada ... nikdy ... aldrig ... nooit ... ei koskaan ... nie ... ποτέ δεν ... אף פעם ... mai ... कभी नहीं ... aldri ... 決してない ... nigdy ... 절대 ... nunca ... niciodată ... никогда


  5. * took a lovely fried green tomatoes quote and sullied it.