Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay so no workout news but I did something fun last night!!! Had dinner with some fellow BPD'ers also known as a friends at a nice little place in Decatur (BrickStore Pub) mmm baked brie, apples, cucumbers and baguette... delicious! After that it was time for the concert at Eddie's Attic which if you've never been is one of the best little venues, I love it. Kyler England was performing (saw her back in April) and once again put on a wonderful show. She truly is an amazing artist and very kind to her fans enduring our endless gushing and fangirl moments. OH!I even had her sign my cell phone... insane I know and totally not my idea I posed off of others hahaha... it was the peer pressure I tell you!

All in all it was a great night of rest and fun... much needed! Back to the training regimen today which is 3 mile/strength WHOOOOO!




  1. peer pressure? really? well if that's all it takes then things are looking up for me...

    PS have i mentioned how much i am SO not looking forward to this workout today? le sigh...

  2. Well sort of...

    Looking forward to it? When would you ever?! Me either but I'm still going to do it... we can whine together later.

  3. no time for whining. i'll be passed out.

  4. So ya you know have two followers... happy? Did i just brighten up your day, i know i did. Its me a bottle of sunshine shining your dark rain clouds away! ;) Hehe

    <3 Bev

  5. oh the passing out will come for sure...

    bottle of sunshine? really... i mean really?