Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So, this blog has been dead for a little over two years... shame I know. Anyway I thought it was well past time to revitalize it as last year and this year will prove to be very blog worthy.

Update # 1 - this blog was created not only as a life update but mostly to track training for a half marathon that I was supposed to run in 2009. Life unfortunately prevented that from happening in 2009 but my goal was still realized. I completed my first Half Marathon (Savannah Rock n Roll) in November 2012!! Photo evidence supplied below. I have also completed a 15k recently and plan to continue running with at least one more half marathon this year.

Update # 2 - new job!! For those of you who know me well then you are aware of the job issues I had for the better course of 8 years in regards to countless hours of work with little reward. Fortunately as of September 2012, that is no longer an issue as I started a new job in a field I'm far more interested in and work with some wonderful people. I feel appreciated and respected which in itself is immensely rewarding.

Update # 3 - new lifestyle!! As of February 2012, I have become a pescetarian. What is that you may ask?! It means I only eat fish and vegetables so essentially vegetarian with fish ;) I cannot express how much better I feel having made this choice. I was able to lose over 15 lbs and have maintained that loss. I also feel healthier in general. It's amazing how this change has really affected me and I truly do not regret it in the slightest. I also juice regularly which I will delve into further over the next month as I plan for another reboot. So stick around and learn more about pescetarian-ism and juicing!

Update # 4 - new adventures!! I guess the running could account for some new adventures but these are more the traveling kind. In March of this year, Crystal and I will be making our first international trip. We have both applied for our passports and should receive them in a few weeks which is obviously another first. We will be spending a little over a week in Europe and I couldn't be more excited. As you can see from the top of this page, a countdown has begun!!

So in closing, stick around as I share my preparation stories and then when the big day comes I will also be sharing loads of pictures!!!

As always, peace and love to all!