Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Aftermath

Okay... I completed (as you can see in my little widget) a 3 mile run yesterday. I didn't however run the entire time or really the majority of it to be honest. It was more of a 3.3 brisk walk with some periodic sprinting. I have made a few mistakes so far in my training, listed below.

  • Jumping into running again eh maybe walking fast with some running bursts is better.
  • Running outside in the Atlanta area in July around 6pm - not so much.
  • Not using the restroom before leaving... oops (it's hard to build up that momentum again once you stop)

While these reasons are all somewhat understandable, the fact of the matter is, I'm out of shape a bit more than I realized. This is okay though because I won't stop. I am a determined soul and plus I know the beginning of training is always tough. I expect more soreness and whining, all from me of course. Fortunately, I have a great running partner who is very understanding and a great motivator.

Now you ask what's on the agenda for today... a 2 mile/cross. I'm going to attempt the treadmill (typically I'm not a fan due to the impact on my knees) so I'll most likely end up on the elliptical machine. It'll be a first for me so I'll definitely report back tomorrow on my progress and what I think.



  1. i think for your first day back in several years that you did a damn good job yesterday. in fact, if it weren't for the full bladder i think you would have gotten in at least a half of the 5K running before switching to the walk. good job, honey!

  2. also, we need to stretch more after.

  3. thank you! that means a lot! ah yes the full bladder seriously what was i thinking *shakes head* as for the stretching i'm seriously considering adding yoga to this training schedule and hoping the strength training will help my calf muscles a bit

  4. I am very proud of you! I wish i had more will power to get healthy... :( GO YOU!!!

    <3 Bev

  5. Thank you... be careful what you wish for because I will drag your butt out there with me!