Friday, July 10, 2009


Various aspects of my life have drastically changed in the last few months, many and honestly most for the better but several have been rather tragic. The one thing I've learned is how much I value life, happiness and health as well as how all of these affect either other. I've decided to change many things in my life: one of which and quite possibly one of the most important is my health. I have always been athletic, playing a wide range of sports since early childhood. Unfortunately, I've become rather lazy in the past few years and am well to put it frankly... OUT OF SHAPE. Today is a new day though!

One of my favorite past sports ventures was Cross Country running and it's something I'd like to revisit. For now though I'm just going to start running... period. I want to get back into shape as well as prepare for and complete a half marathon that will be in my area in October. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of time to prepare but I'm really just going to go in with the mindset of completing the race not necessarily obtaining an awesome time or placement.

My office complex offers the use of a gym for free so I will begin training on Monday, July 13 2009. I've decided to start coming into work a minimum of 45 min early to run before heading into the office. Those that know me realize this in and of itself will be a feat (I'm not a morning person). This blog will contain updates on my training and as you can see I will have my Nike+ runs tracked on the sidebar.

Fingers crossed!!! Wish me luck!

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