Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so bad

So yesterday I tried the treadmill and walked briskly at a speed of 3.5 for a little over a 1/4 of a mile... again not a fan. Prior to the treadmill though I used the elliptical machine for 2 miles (yesterday was my 2 mile/cross) and I loved it. Well... as much as you can love a piece of exercise equipment. My run will show in the widget but unfortunately my Nike+ sensor doesn't pick up my activity on the Elliptical which is why my pace is a bit off because I didn't pause while walking to and from machines nor did I turn it off while on the elliptical after determining it wasn't working... s'okay though. I did track my results per mile while on the elliptical and those you can find below.

  • 1st mile - 9 min 45 sec
  • 2nd mile - 9 min 21 sec

All in all yesterday was a good day, not too much soreness today though I have realized the elliptical works my gluteal muscles a bit more than I realized... basically I have a sore bum. Today will be a rest day since I have a concert tonight and dinner beforehand which doesn't leave much time... I know bad, but I'm only switching it with tomorrow so Thursday will be my 3 mile/strength. I'll still post tomorrow and report on the concert maybe I'll even share what I had for dinner... maybe.

Oh and while my Nike+ says my powersong is Turnin' Me on... I'm changing that to Superchik - Alive because it came on yesterday while on the elliptical and well I think it's perfect so have a listen (lyrics can be found here)



  1. the fact that the sensor doesn't work while on the elliptical has always pissed me off. i hate that a day of working out isn't logged anywhere other than in my head. and yoga? yes, please. because the soreness is gonna get worse before it gets better.

    PS: since when do you say "bum"?

  2. Yoga... there is one nearby so we need to check it out

    I'm thinking of adding it to my vocabulary. I think it should be used more often, don't you?!