Monday, August 10, 2009

Slacker that I am

I haven't posted in a while which is completely my fault... I've let other things distract me but I'll try to be better. I have been keeping up with my workouts though well except for this weekend, I didn't run at all... shame on me, I know. My last run was on Friday... 4 miles and I finished it in under an hour which is a new record. My pace or average was about 13.30 minutes a mile so YAY! I was very happy about that not to mention I chilled out on the walking and actually 'ran' most of it which is good because that's what I'm working towards. I'll be doing another 4 miles today and will try to do that most of this week actually to see if I can improve. I will be taking a rest day on Wed and possibly another on Thurs (we'll see).

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!


  1. i know you give me the "awww shucks" look every time i say this but i am so proud of you for how committed you have been to this work out regiment. hopefully we can keep it up after the race in october. maybe we'll run more outside once the weather cools off.

  2. Thanks baby. I'll definitely want to keep it up in October... I love the cool weather and would like to run outside more when it's cooler plus the leaves will be changing colors so it'll be beautiful.